Electronics Sales
Anything You Need!

No matter if you are looking to purchase a totally new Electronics system, or simply replace a device that has sailed its last, we have access to over 275,000 products from everyone in the Industry.  We can dropship what you need anywhere in the world, or deliver and install it in person.
Radar AIS Navigation Software GPS Antennas
Chartplotters Depth Sounders VHF Radios Cameras
Security &
Engine Monitoring NMEA 0183 &
2000 Networking
Remote Access
Weather Stations Transducers Internet Access Satellite Phones
Digital Switching Systems Vessel Tracking Systems Digital Switching Monitoring & Control SiriusXM Radio & Weather
Design — We can help you design a system that will network your electronics to share information throughout your boat. This can include both new and existing equipment.
If you want to use your computer as a hub for navigation and/or route planning, etc, we have exactly what you need!
Nobeltec TimeZero Professional Navigation Software



Whatever, Wherever, Whenever

Anyone can buy electronic equipment on the Internet these days, but how do you install it, network it with your other equipment, and get it to work? We know how! And what we don't know, we know who to call for advice. There is always an answer, and we can find it for you.





Almost worse than not having something is having something that doesn't work -- very frustrating indeed!! Things not installed properly, or wear out; who knows? Call us to visit you and your boat to find out what is, or is not, going on.

We will test your system to determine the cause, and then provide the solution.



Monitor your boat's systems from a computer or smart device
Maretron Vessel Monitoring & Control System
for Computers or MFDs
Onboard and/or Remote